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More About Us

Mshati Productions is a Toronto-based boutique creative agency, specializing in high-end creative video and content production.


Wisam Mshati, the company's founder, is a tech-enthusiastic videographer, video editor and entrepreneur. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Wisam has produced videos and marketing assets for some of Canada's top brands and real estate brokerages including Marriott, Golf Town, Sotheby's and Christie's to just name a few.


At Mshati Productions, we pride ourselves on our ability to tell stories that inspire and engage audiences around the world. We believe that great video content is key to driving powerful connections with your target market - whether you're looking to build awareness, sell products or services, or simply create a brand that people can connect with emotionally.


Whatever your goals may be, Mshati Productions can help you achieve them through high quality, creative and engaging marketing content.

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