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How to Talk About a Property on Camera without Going Overboard or Sounding "Salesy"

Talking about a real estate property during a video tour can be tricky. You want potential buyers to be impressed with what they see, but you don't want your words to come off as overly corporate or try-hard. The key is to stick to simple and casual language when discussing the features and highlights of the property. Let's break down how you can talk about a property in an effective yet understated way.

1. Know Your Audience


The most important thing when it comes to talking about a property is understanding who your audience is. Are you talking to first-time homebuyers? Retirees? Investors? Knowing who is listening will help you tailor your words accordingly so that everyone in the group will find them appropriate and relatable. Try not to use too much jargon, especially if there are non-industry folks present.