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Why you should use trending audio on Instagram and TikTok

Using trending audio in your videos can be a great way to boost visibility and engagement on Instagram. By taking advantage of the trends circulating through the platform, you can make your content more likely to be seen by users who are already interested in whatever type of music it is that you’re using.

Trending audio helps your videos stand out from the deluge of other content being posted, as it catches viewers’ attention with something they recognise and engages them right away.

People like familiarity and will likely become more invested in your content if they come across an audio track that they recognise or is currently popular. Not only will this help them remember your media more easily, but it can also pique their curiosity enough to explore the rest of what you have created.

As well as boosting visibility and engagement, using trending audio can also help you take advantage of Instagram's algorithm which pushes videos with popular soundtracks to the top of users' feeds and recommendations. When people come across a video featuring a trending track and interact with it – for example by liking, commenting or sharing – Instagram takes notice and starts recommending similar content to that user. This means that other people who may not necessarily follow you will still come across your content if its soundtrack stands out enough among competitors.

Catering to the ever-changing tastes of social media users can be difficult but using trending audio is a great way to stay ahead of the curve. It's essential to stay up-to-date on new releases and upcoming hits so that you’re always able to capture its audience before anyone else does as trends often die down quickly after they become popular. But even when a trend fades from popularity over time there is still potential for discovery amongst those who weren’t aware of it during its peak popularity and now search for content related to it in hindsight.

Finally, using trending audio helps increase audience retention since they are more likely to keep watching if the soundtrack is familiar and enjoyable (or at least interesting) for them. If you pick something trendy that your target audience enjoys listening to then they will find it easier to engage with your content on an emotional level which increases the chances of them staying until the end or sharing it with their friends/followers.

By taking advantage of social media trends, finding recognition amongst its discerning audience becomes easier and more achievable than ever before!

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